Task Management

Simplified work flow and track task progress in one place. Efficiency is the key for goal achievement.

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Centralized Tasks

Organizing team tasks in store or between head office, flexible and efficient. Tracking work progress, get notifications and follow up instantly on your mobile without slipping any tasks.

Receiving feedback in text, photo or attachment that helps accomplishing tasks. Empowering your team on problem solving.


A form builder allows users to customize the form format to meet your own business needs. All documents are easier to maintain and save up physical storage space. 

Once Data is collected, it could be view on the dashboard with way less searching time. Images, signatures, ratings and many other interactive widgets could enhance interaction between parties and help with more business cases.


An ad-hoc tasks to-do list is an efficient virtual check list among team members. Team members can assign and check to-dos on the app. Notifications will be sent to all members when there is any update or change to pace up the progress. 


All requests by stores could be done on the app. Head office can view them and follow up instantly. Approval, discussion and progress check could be done on the app as well.