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Mobile Roster Management for retail

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Digitizing the scheduling routine, drag-and-drop to create and re-arrange team roster on the fly. All working hours, all leaves and scheduling request are documented for reviewing and calculating to ensure compliance requirement and best fitted schedule.


Most retail team members require duty swap from time to time. They also have more versatile leave/day off policy. We have included those requirements on the mobile app. Front-line staffs can make requests for their shift. Manager and relevant team members will receive notifications. Both request and approval can also be implemented on the mobile app.

For tackling lack of staff, manager could request team members to swap their duty schedule, or requesting help-out from another team by using the app.

Digital scheduling system should make daily operation smoother. Business owner will get a clear vision on human resources in order to make the most out of it.


The mobile application has a built-in clocking feature. Employee can simply use their mobile to check in and check out when they get off work. The GPS or blue-tooth on mobile can ensure the employees are at the working place.

Alternatively, we have API that you could use to integrate with other clocking system, including finger print, face recognition and others.

The In & Out records can be available to view and use for the payroll process.