Propety Management

Th!nkTeams enable to switch the traditional retailers management pattern to the completely digital operation. From daily stores operation, store traffic monitoring , promo execution etc, to well known of your team engagement and efficient result. Every single process can be observed by our digital performance comparison.

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Th!nkTeams simplify your daily store operation

Encourage new joint staff self-learning the brand guide book with the digital learning platform. Improves staff’s product knowledge, sales skills and technique they needed.  

Real-time overview of all visits in our digital dashboard to track your store compliance. Engage teams with Th!nkTeams interactive communication platforms. Optimize all your retail processes to enhance team productivity. 

Provides efficient digital support for your frontline teams. Improve your store processes, from handling stock control to everyday in store operation. Assign a point to point everyday to do list, that your stores staff would know clearer about work priority.

Optimize all your retail processes to enhance team productivity

Update News Feed Encourage Team Communication

Sharing the latest news feed and reaching your teams on the digital platform. Instant feedback to customers’ comments in order to adjust marketing strategies. 

Effective Store Maintenance & Request

A centralized digital platform allows staff to make requests on mobile. Customized repairing list to let front-line staffs report items that require maintenance. Operation should run smoothly, without a hassle. 

Save time to fill in report

NO MORE tedious spreadsheets and monthly reports. Save precious time on practical work! 

Mobile Training

Effective training succors staff to develop their skills on mobile. Create and distribute micro-learning content to improve sales technique and skills. Short quiz to retain teams knowledge.

Digitized in store progress

Streamlining teams operation process and monitor the implementation of promotions. Analyzing consumer patterns, store visit traffic and store attraction results to enhance customer service quality. 

Provide perfect execution solution

Identifying the shortcomings of your team and provide advice. Arranging tasks for the team to accomplish and bring in a positive competition by having store performance comparison.