All-in-One Platform, On Mobile

by ThinkRetail. 15-years experience with retailers, comprehensive skills in Software Development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and IoT.

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Our Story

Th!nkTeams is a digital team management platform, designed for retailers and restaurant owners to drive excellence in your business, from operation, training to performance tracking.

Operation on mobile, team communication becomes more effective and efficient, while managing team tasks and roster in one place.

Training is digitized,  instant updates to your team, interactive and gamified training establish better team engagemen. Greater learning effectiveness retains the best customer experience.

Optimization is driving top line growth. Full visibility on current performance is the key to manifest how to achieve your KPI goal while gaining feedback from the front line simultaneously.


Optimized Communication

  • Enterprise communication
  • Decluttering with chat groups
  • Synchronized information, easier to follow up

Fullly accessible Operation

  • Team can work on tasks without boundaries
  • Monitor work progress on mobile

Empower Your Teams

  • Interactive training, task management and examination
  • Provide a higher team productivity

Digital Execution

  • Complete cloud-based platform requires no server installation. 
  • All on our mobile app.

Custom Form and Dashboard

  • Create your own form that suits your operation
  • Collect data from your tasks
  • Create dashboard from your data easily

Gamification & Reward

  • Team get rewarded when they archive goals
  • Motivate teams by Leader Board

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Team Engagement

Enterprise social media platform allows leader to engage with your teams. Your team can find the latest updates on corporate matters, product, operation and training easily through the Th!nkTeams mobile app. Interactive and contextual chat room allows more effective communication among your teams and accomplish tasks efficiently.


Roster Management

A complete mobile platform for handling employee team roster. Assign replacement for a staff taking a day off. Manage sick leave. Audit and approve your staff duty by drag-and- dropping on your desktop. You can also handle swapping time slot, update ad hoc duty on your mobile. Team can check in/out on our app, we record changes recorded and produce month-end summary. 


Mobile Training

Training on app supplements your existing staff training programs. It makes training materials to become available on mobile. Bite-size mobile lessons improve team engagement and effectiveness of the training to ensure team members are having the latest information and knowledge they need. Micro learning sessions add interesting interactions bits to training, making it more enjoyable. Our reward system could also motivate learning by a leader board.


Task Management

Digitize your labour intensive store operation today. Convert cluttered emails, multiple chat groups into a consistent mobile experience. Our custom form allows you to keep your existing data, while you can track tasks and summarize data in dashboards. Your team can manage their tasks more efficiently on mobile, fill in information required for their tasks with pictures, and our contextual chat makes communication on specific task easier.


Performance Tracking

KPI is crucial to all companies, particularly in retailing industry.A key part of day to day activities for a retail manager is knowing their KPI and communicating with the store of how they can improve their KPI in different aspects, such as footfall traffic, sales, staffing, to VIP signups. Th!nkTeams provides a digital action board that shares and updates KPI with each of your stores/regions. By allowing interactions on suggesting different strategies and observations could help improving their KPI. Our performance analysis tool will assist retail manager to address the current trends and potential pitfalls.

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